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Becoming a Jewish Parent: How to Explore Spirituality and Tradition with Your Children

National Jewish Book Award Finalist

“An act of love and faith on the part of its author, this is one of the finest treatments of spirituality and parenting ever published. . . . A masterpiece of intelligence and clarity.”
— Library Journal

Raising Jewish children in today’s secular culture poses unique and serious challenges. How do you instill a positive, vital sense of identity, religion, and heritage without turning off your kids or overwhelming them? How do you explain what it means to be Jewish if you are ambivalent about it yourself? And perhaps most important, how do parents who have little or no formal religious training themselves pass on rich, multilayered traditions that may have been missing from their own childhood experiences? Filled with delightful and inspiring anecdotes, thoughtful information about the history, holidays, and traditions that shape Judaism, as well as a useful glossary and thorough reference section

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