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Biblical Texts and the Ideas of the Bible 

Lies, Wives and Sisters: The Wife/Sister Motif Revisited
Judaism: A Quarterly Journal, Vol. XXXIV, No. 3 (Summer, 1985).

An Inquiry into the Shape and Meaning of Biblical History
Azure 45 (Summer 5771 / 2011), pp. 80-98. Published thereafter in Techelet 45 (Winter, 2011), in Hebrew, as מתכונתה ומשמעותה של ההיסטוריה המקראית, pp. 63-77.

The Tower of Babel and the Birth of Nationhood
Azure 40 (Spring 5770 / 2010), pp. 19-36. Published thereafter in Techelet 40 (Summer 2010), in Hebrew, as מגדל בבל והולדת הרעיון הלאומי, pp. 65-78.

“Scripture and Halakhah in Two Parallel Sugyot
Prooftexts: A Journal of Jewish Literary History, Vol. V, No. 2 (May, 1985).

Conservative Judaism and its Future 

** See also several articles on this subject in the Jewish Review of Books, with the link provided above.

Positive Historical Judaism Exhausted: Reflections on a Movement’s Future
Conservative Judaism, Vol. XLVII, No. 1 (Fall, 1994), pp. 3-18

The Conservative Rabbinate: Looking for Men in the All the Wrong Places
Tikkun¨, April 1989.

A review of On the Ordination of Women, a compendium of essays written by faculty members of the Jewish Theological Seminary as the Seminary grappled with that issue. The central thrust of this review of a critique of the halakhic position that was ultimately adopted by the Seminary.

A Basic Religious Datum: Conservative Judaism, Zionism and the Worldview of Michael Rosenak
Studies in Jewish Education. 

Jewish Communities and their Grappling with Modernity

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